They image is research for my previous college exhibition on outer body experience . Image shows the result of static electricity or spiritual energy in static air . Each black sack has a mixture of oil and acrylic black paint . This is a representation of kinetic energy . When the bag is ” irritated ” it spreads the paint and oil mixture around eventually covering the inner membrane of the bag . ( atomic structure ) protons and electrons that charge the election . Which creates energy , which in tells can create an electrical charge such as static or kinetic energy that can result in theory as spiritual energy . Resulting as a cause of outer body experience.


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Research shown for my latest project (O.B.E)

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hi ,my name is garf , i like walks on the beach and hold my own hand

i am a libra and well like we could be good friends

nah really i am creating this blog to view my point ,be it good or bad it will always be misspelled.
As well as to show the world my art .

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